Caryl & Luke

Diolch yn fawr iawn i Teifi films am ddal pob eiliad o’n diwrnod perffaith! Odd dim yn ormod a fin shwr bo da ti footage rhagorol or cor, ffair a’r questionable dancing! Highly recommend ! - edrych mlan i weld y dydd ar sgrin!

Highly recommend wedding videographer - captures every moment from the choir to the fun fair and everything in between. Nothing was too much and you put your trust in us to hold an expensive camera flying about in the waltzers or up high on insania. It was the best day possible for Luke and myself and we couldn’t have chosen any better to capture those moments. Diolch i chi! X

Jo & Mark

Hi Huw, we have watched the short video and we absolutely love it! Very happy for it to go online. We have only had time to watch one of the long ones. It was amazing to relive the day and see so many things that we didn’t get to see ourselves on the day. We cannot thank you enough, I'm so happy to have such good footage.

Thank you Huw!

Elin & Huw

The film is perfect!! I can’t thank you enough for everything. From making us feel so comfortable on the day to all the work that’s gone into editing it to the presentation of the DVDs, a truly exceptional service. The music you added to Llanrhystud beach brought tears to my eyes in the nicest possible way. It’s something Huw, me and both our families will treasure forever and I’m not sure how you can thank someone enough for that...Diolch o galon!

Sian a Huw

Wedi cael y DVD’s, mae fe yn amazing da ti. Diolch yn fawr Iawn i ti, ni yn really bles gyda’r footage ! Diolch unwaith eto am bopeth.